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Development: Our Focus
Companies, developers, communities and architects
Industrials and innovative system producers

The service offers from TCE

Companies, Developers, Architects and Communities

You desire to integrate decentralized energy production strategy at one single building scale, block or neighborhood. Our will is to be as close as possible from the users with one characteristic: aesthetics which fully integrate into a project in order to make them pleasant and acceptable solutions. Our support extends to the implementation of your projects.

Recent portfolio: island Positive Energy Hikari (façade and roof) in Lyon - Kengo Kuma, musical city Ile Seguin - Shigeru Ban (Pritzker 2014). More than 250 references, all different.

Industrials and innovative system producers

Innovative industrial initiatives on this segment includes aesthetic systems / integrated decentralized energy producers, and accompanying growth acceleration: Product transition in a system, then to the market and setting up partnerships, prescription and business development, certification.

The aim is to concretize an idea in less than 2 years, with a growth accelerator approach. The integration to the environment of the BIM is systematic, through common work between TCE with key industrial players.

Recent examples: fully transparent glazing electricity producer, colored facades, organic solutions.


Developing a clean source of renewable energy, where the energy is consumed, without changing the design of the city is definitely the wish of all the governments and stakeholders of the sustainable city.

The architectural integration adds an interesting dimension to this issue. In this, it makes it a sustainable and desirable city.

« Solar energy only has a future if it can be harmoniously integrated into architecture »



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