Hikari, first positive energy mixed block of the Lyon metropolis

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The Confluence district of Lyon never ceases to change. Nearing completion, the ZAC 1 pound, with Hikari, one of its most emblematic operations. "Here we invent and test on a neighborhood level that will be the city of the future: more efficient, more pleasant and more sustainable," says Masaaki Yamamoto, CEO of Smart Community Department Nedo, Japanese agency support innovation.


Designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and built by Bouygues Immobilier and SLC, this block of 12,800 m2 developed three mixed-use buildings - offices, shops and housing – trimmed with innovative technology allows it to produce more energy than consumes.


Named Hikari  - "light" in Japanese - this block of rectangular shape is sculpted by faults that drive natural light into buildings. The architect has favored large glazed openings to brighten and offer views to the outside. The south facade of the building housing (32 apartments) is equipped with glass-glass photovoltaic panels to help optimize solar gain by season.


The flat roofs of the two other buildings - Higashi (5236 m2 area of tertiary on 7 levels) and Nishi (2246 m2 of office space on 5 levels and 4 penthouses) were covered with photovoltaic panels. Raised and aligned at a height of 1.5 meter back from the parapet, they are completely invisible from the street .


Technically, the block has a cogeneration plant fueled by rapeseed oil and a photovoltaic plant designed to annually produce 476 MWh electricity. A production that will cover 80% of electricity needs and 90% of the occupants heating needs. The photovoltaic panels will provide the remainder.


The offices and businesses cooling is provided through an absorption chiller that produces chilled water from the heat of the CHP and cold water table.

Centralized management of the building's parameters will ensure optimal production of hot or cold control and manage the occasional overproduction of energy. An efficient system that will, not only  measure all consumptions, but also address the failures, plant productivity gaps and inform users of the performance of their occupation zone.

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