A fund dedicated to financing projects with high energy performance

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PRO BTP has launched the first French fund entirely dedicated to financing construction or major renovation of high energy performance in France. "Construction Energy Plus" has a target size of € 100 million and will be topped half by the welfare group for building.


Construction Energy Plus is the first fund  entirely dedicated to financing construction or major renovation of high energy performance in France. Launched by the building welfare group , BTP PRO, it will target works at the forefront of the applicable RT (Thermic Regulation), with a focus on positive energy construction.


Tertiary projects, public and private with a relatively small and strong regional dimension will therefore be covered by these funds that have a detention goal of 5 years on average. SMEs / Midcaps will be involved, the total target  capacity is 500,000 m2. Budget wise, Building Energy Plus will have a target size of 100 million, stated PRO BTP . The fund, he said, will be open to a limited number of institutional investors and will be half topped  by the protection group.

Ensure the impartiality of the projects selection

The fund will be managed by Omnes Capital. A dedicated team will be responsible for selecting projects according to specifications established by PRO BTP according to three criteria: technical, financial and social responsibility.

Finally, the governance of the fund will consist of two bodies: an Advisory Committee, composed of members representing the protective group of Construction and other institutional investors; an investment committee composed of members of Omnes Capital, of invited experts, if needed, but no representatives of PRO BTP to maintain impartiality in the selection of projects for funding.

Recall that the welfare group of Construction is committed, for 2016, to support infrastructure projects in the context of a target commitment of € 660 million, of which at least 40% (against 30% in 2015) will assigned to projects related to energy transition.

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