Development: Our Focus

TCE, real specialist of the  "positive energy"construction sector, involved in strategic consulting, marketing innovation and installation project work.

Our support enables our public and private customers:
  • to position themselves in the building sector (block or district) in positive energy through differentiating offers, taking into account the market developments, the regulatory, competitive and technological environment.
The issues and topics we believe in:
  • Integration through transparency, opacity, colour and shape adaptation.
  • hybrid energies, multi-functionality (source of  productivity), local storage and self-consumption,
  • energy solidarity/subsidiarity within a building complex or area.
  • autonomy over autarky ,
  • green value, driven by productive investment, thanks to robust and accretive profitability,
  • optimised carbon impact and zero ecological footprint.
    development of “passive” before “positive” projects.
In summary, we believe that the inclusion of some decentralized energy, well integrated and aesthetic, brings value as well as pleasure to a property asset. Moreover, if it is simply designed upstream in the project, the likes of the user and his architect, take more sense in the construction.